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Great game

This game has the best price for the entertainment it gives!!!! 5 stars from me!!!!!!!!*****

Help me !

I love this game but just cannot beat level 17 at all


This game rocks and needs multiplayer meanwhile I will tell my friends about this

Help needed

Fun but need help on level 9

Great game!

I really like this game. A couple notes: 1) the joystick control is a bit strange, it doesn't act as you would expect when you first put your finger down... But behaves fine once you start moving around. 2) to beat level 8, fly past half the invaders, dodge the projectiles till they stop, bomb those invaders, repeat with 2nd half of invaders. Took me 3 tries.

Fix the controls

Please fix the on screen analog controls. By default the bee plummets to the ground. In order to bring him up you have to move your finger way above the on screen analog circle. Adjust the center of the movement control to match the actual image. Unfortunately, even with this fix the game isn't a 5 star game. In a world where games like plants vs zombies and quickhook exist, even free this game cannot be 5 stars. At most I would say 3 stars. It's a competent yet somewhat shallow game. I would recommend the developer continue making games as I sense their best work is yet to come.

Very good game and freakin' free

I love this game. It takes some getting use to the controls. And I agree. The drone is dam hard. I have had it for a few days and it's still not complete. I have not e mailed him yet but I will in a few days if I can't beat it myself. I have bought games for $3.99 that where not as good so for free it's a winner. Give it a try.

F that b!

This game is fun but the enemy drone bee is invincible

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